Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Femininely Androgynous

 In a time where gender equality,   sexuality, body image, and preference are at the helm of almost all
subject matters and one's social media standing is not independent to their genre ie minimalist, boho, grunge, androgynous, sex siren etc I found myself asking what I felt was a very juxtaposed question.

Can I be feminine and androgynous at the same time? Can I be boyish without losing my feminity, my 'sex appeal' whatever that means. Or should I just wear my beloved oversized, non figure flatering shirt dresses, brogues and loafers and be forever in the acceptance of being a 'man repeller'.Should I just pick a side and be done with it. Or can I succefully merge both worlds?

I have always swung both ways when clothes are concerned. I have an hour glass figure so oversized hides all the *ehem* assets shall we say. The goods that give me some meagre social standing  and meant I didn't get picked last at the dance or not get offered drinks at the bar (super tounge in cheek here). However I was a tomboy for a very long time and it really just stuck. I love menswear on women. I'd pick my boyfriend's old oversized highschool tshirts from his skater days to sleep in over going to Agent Provacateur pre St Valentines day to buy a sensual slip for instance. Boxers over thongs etc. But I'm not repelled by my figure as most ads and female aimed products would have me believe. And yes women you're most certainly allowed to feel and say that believe it or not. I have things  I'd alter , but don't we all? Anyway I digress, back to my original point and what led me to it, Annie Hall.

In her suits and ties, oversized shirts and waistcoats. I find her very endearing. Almost as if her andogynous dressing enhanced her femininity. She has inspired me,

The belts and the waistcoats the only things giving a wink at the feminine form underneath. It's all in the detail. I decided to peruse the Vogue UK website for examples I could successfully emmulate in my bid to be femininely androgynous. A few of my favourite Pre SS16 Ready to wear (Resort) collections

Alexander Wang


Palmer Harding

The Row

Creatures of Comfort

And  ofcourse my favourite instagrammers who  knock the proverbial style ball out of the park. Seamlessly merging femininity and androgyny so subtley it'll bring a tear to your eye

Jade Andrews @jadeandrews 

Brittany Bathgate @brittanybathgate 

Kimberly @kimberlyskinny

By pairing high waisted trousers or culottes with slightly cropped shirts or tops, belting the jackets and close tailoring to accentuate it adds a feminine touch to an outfit that would otherwise be considered for both sexes. It's the tiny details that make the most profound difference. And suddenly I don't have to chose.